Two contestants were sent home on 12/1/11. Do you agree with the choices?

The Factor Final 5
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really? astro is amazing he is better than most rappers of these days and whats more is that drew was not good, not at all. stop hating on everyone and jus think like normal people


Thankfully. regarding ASStro
every Christmas the wrap is over. Too bad LA Reed can't realize this truth and keeps on slamming
people like Drew who actually threaten his contestants.
Because they are marketable. His rap duds have the most limited audience. ASStro you are ok. Your heads too big for your talent but that's ok.I would not have ever bought or been exposed to your rendition of 'music.' Funny that your mentor LA would chastise other contestants for doing the "SAME THING OVER AND OVER" when you did what? The same thing over and over: Laughable and revealing. Thanks X factor. At leats ya got the 'X' right.


Thankfully Astro was booted off and it should have been sooner! Don't rappers use the term: "Punk ass bitch"?? Well, that's exactly what he is!


Drew my heart goes out to you , there is only one judge on the show and you were lucky enough to be mentored ny him . As far as the 3 stooges pretending to be judges , at times it appears to be a contest at who can say the stupidest thing . With a panel like that Simon the show is doomed and people wont watch , lose all 3 of them , the racist arrogant L.A Ried , the Paula where am I and which pill should i take now or the blank slate Nichole , I am curious though , is her head filled with air or water ??


Are you kidding me, Asstro is a pompous, big headed, big ego little brat, his actions last week showed how arrogant the little crapper is . He's extremely too young to be given 5 million dollars and my prayers were answered, glad I don't have to listen to crap from him anymore. I never understand what they're saying, this applies to all crappers. They not singers, They are just really good at running their mouth. I feel for drew too, she has a great unique voice but she is also to young, she will get a deal anyway, And it pains me to say so will asstro.


Dont blame Paula or Nicole!
Simon actually forced poor Drew to sing the song like that! From the footage we see even Drew didn't want to sing
Billie Jean like that! If Simon would have listened to his contestant she would
not have ended up in bottom two!She would have been safe! IT'S SIMON'S FAULT!!!!!!!!




Astro is a true artist & has an awsome attidude for being so young. I truely believe a mistake has been made by sending him home! It was Drew's time but not Astro's.Change the rules & bring him back!


I'm sorry, but after getting to watch the clip of Drew singing "Billie Jean", it was terrible...Billie Jean should have NEVER been sung slow...You couldn't even understand what she was saying half the time...Good riddance...


I am soooo mad that Drew was kicked off!!! This proves this show is a set up! Marcus should have never made it past Vegas much less this far!