Sophia Bush has gone off on gay marriage opponents and said that her God "loves everybody." What is your take on this opinion?

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You read your bible very well sophia.Basically,we are @ the end time.That is why all this negativities are happening.We should ponder this thoughts in our mind,an animal does the right thing why not we human created in God's image do the right thing.


Why is it that we can't calmly say our piece like we don't agree with gay lifestyle with out a gay lover saying "OH we don't tolerate hate" an dthey continue to be HATEFUL, HURTUFL and NEGATIVE!! Stophia is an IDIOT! She doesn't know what she's saying. I coudln't care less if a gay person told me his or her two cents about me being straight. I would say, "uh huh..? and..? okay great now let's go to the movies." yes i'm christian and have gay friends. I don't believe in it, but that doesn't meant i hate anyone unless this idiot who says she'll drill us into the ground? Do you kiss your mama with that mouth?

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