Beyonce performed at halftime of Super Bowl XLVII. How do you think she did?

Beyonce Halftime Rehearsal Pic

Oh good Lord, she sucked. She didn't "sing"anything. If it weren't for her husband and his money she'd be flipping burger at White Castle. Oh, God give her a stripper pole and let her earn some, sort of real money. My, my...her daughter will be so proud of the tramp her mother is.


I wish Beyonce would do something different. All her
videos have the same dance moves and she wears
the same style onsies. It gets old and cant take her
seriously any more.


Beyonce sucked left-donkey balls.
She has admitted to being a lip-syncing faker like Ashlee Simpson, why the hell was she even allowed to perform the halftime show at all?
The NFL should've dropped her from the show like a hot nickel!
Beyonce hasn't had anything good since Destiny's Child's first single. And "bootylicious" was really the "shark-jump" point of her "singing" career.
The fact that anyone likes her "music" is just further proof that this generation has no taste! I hope they at least get someone talented for next year.
I vote for Joan Jett for next year!
Jett's the queen of rock'n'roll!

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