What do you think's going on with Kim and Kris?

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I think poor Khloe is the product of Kris's affair...that's why she looks different than her sisters....could also explain why she is so disrespectful to Kris.


Hey! Laurie casey, Totally agree w/u. Shrek and Fiona, are not news worthy at allllllllll. Kardashians'are the most dysfunktional family, known too man today. Donna, you also hit home with ur comment, great! job. Someone does need to take her on a vaction too some remote Island, and leave her the F#*k THERE.... Great! commenting, I applaude you both,and I am clapping in a standing ovation, too the both of you. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kim help us=
• How do we cure world hunger?
• How do we find world peace?
• How does every man woman and child get to live in freedom?
Friggin' genius, answer me!!


House fullo' phonies!


Please can we not log on each day and have to read about the Kardashians the mother 10% Kris is a joke. She was on every today and morning show trying to recope her 10%. Is it true that her and her husband at one time were being sued for credit card debt.?


kim k and her whole family are a bunch of disgusting sleazes that give hard working people with morales a bad name. i cant stand this whore. stop watching her program. also, stop supporting ryan seacrest who put this sleaze on the air! send a message that we are bringing class and intelligence back to american tv!

Laurie casey

Instead of dwelling on things that don't matter, like Kim's mistake to marry someone that wasn't right for her. We should be focusing on actual problems. Like why they keep releasing that nut job, lindsay lohan from jail!!! That is a problem that actually needs to be addressed. Kim's wedding blunder isn't news worthy, but our lacking legal system is real cause for concern.


I don't understand why people are spending so much time for this. The writing was on the wall. Take a look at the pictures in the magazines...While they were on their "honeymoon', he is looking at her lovingly and she is looking directly at the camera. Her exclusive wedding pictures were of her....Where was he???? I really feel sorry for Kris Humphries because he was nothing more than a dupe in this family games. The only problem was he was not drinking the Jim Jones' koolaid they were serving. When he realized that he was going to be Mr. Kardashian. Unfortunately, he was not as much of a prospect once he became a free agent in a league that is on the brink of cancelling the season. No money/no honey. So now her brand is tarnished and she is playing this out to protect that. I feel sorry for this family because they will eventually flame out and like he told her -- In a few years, no one is going to care about you....No truer words have been spoken.


So glad to see all you haters are so perfect. For hating the Kardashians so much, you sure are putting a lot of effort into talking about them. Im glad none of you have ever made mistakes. You are all bullies, and mean. Calling these human beings the names you are, is disgusting, and hurtful. Do you know how much crap Khloe has to deal with for being tall? She was born to be tall, she was born to be bigger boned, she cant change it, why should she? She is beautiful the way she was BORN. But i am sure all you bullies, are totally drop dead gorgouse, perfect bodies, perfect everything. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I hope no one ever says mean, hurtful, disgusting things to you, your children, or your families, even though i think YOU, totally deserve it.


Why was Kim talking on the phone by herself outside of Kris H's house so that the paps could take pics to post so her very smart fans can see that she indeed has a heart? On the days prior to the divorce announcement she seemed fine. Selling everything to us by tweets and facebook. Posting birthday and halloween pics. All the while knowing what she did and is about to reveal. Glad we showed her we are not as stupid as they think we are.

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