What do you think of this Obama-James Holmes billboard?

Obama Aurora Billboard

Thank you for your positive assertions about Libertarians. Do you have any evidence to back your statement up? Of course not. Libertarians represent peace in our time and hope for our nation. If you'd actually review their platform, you might find some things to agree with as opposed to hate mongering. The calculus of power means that people with that level of responsibility make decisions that impact thousands. As such, the billboard really isn't untrue, it's just that you could put up any president of the last 100 years and it would be true. That said, Obama promised to bring the troops home. Which would be another failed promise of the most corrupt presidency I have lived to see. We must endeavor to make reason our guide and objective critical analysis our constant watchman. With that in mind, posts like these aren't anything but additional noise, in a nation with a signal to noise ratio that is truly sad.


Well there are a lot of people out there just as sick as James Holmes and some one of them is the person who did this billboard.


Pathetic considering these were BUSH CHENEY TRAVESTIES that killed thoousands and put us into debt.. PHONY WARS FOR THE PROFITEERS... Libertarians are just Republicans with identity complexes nothing more.

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