The National Enquirer has published a photo of Whitney Houston in her casket. What's your view of this?

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I feel that who every did that be sued along with the National Enquirer. They toldly disrespect the family at the the time of their lost and don't care about the family feeling if her mother wanted the whole world see whitney like that then she woukd have that casket open. The media take things to far sometime and that need to stop. Give the celeberty their privacy that they need and stay out of their faces. If it was your family members you would not like that. So think about yourself before you dish out stuff on people.




Tabloids .... Nedd to be stop!!! NO RESPEACT!!! for the family.. If her Mother wanted the world too see her daughter she would have an open casket herself..... They should burn in Hell!! I'm so tried of everything there writting about Whitney!! the world saw her we still love her, How can her daughter find any peace.. she was there she knows what her Mother was doing she know'[s it all... she don't need too keep hear about or reading it or seeing it T.V.... They all our out too make Money of a very lovely but trouble Lady!! she was an angle and still is.... Rest Whitney you are in your Father House.... AdnGOD has has hand around your daughter.... God Bless Bobbi..K. Brown-Huston....... I Love You!! Stay Strong... Your Mother is with you all times..


That is disgusting and very disrespectful, and they should be ashamed of themselves. But what does anyone expect of the Sleazy tabloid, anyways? The day that Princess Diana died, was the last time that I ever even looked at a Nat'l Enquirer! I have always felt they were partly to blames for Di's death. If ppl would take a stand and refuse to buy or read those lies, then maybe they would STOP printing these articles and taking picture's that should never be taken and put in their paper. Whitney R.I.P. To the Houston family: Our thought's and prayers are with you.


Why would someone take a picture of Whitney Houston at private viewing? I believe that is so, so disturbing and obnoxious. In fact, who ever did this, that person vioate the Houston family. I feel sick to the stomach having a photo of a dead person posted in the newspaper.


All those tabloids need to be taken off the maket.Some people have NO RESPECT for the dead. This is soooooooooooooooo wrong. The family is still in mourning. Who ever did this should burn in HELL!!!