Doug Hutchison is 51 and Courtney Alexis Stodden is 16. They are now married. What's your take on this union?

Doug Hutchison in Punisher: War Zone
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Would you have sex with Courtney Stodden?

Would you give it to reality star Courtney Stodden?

Is Courtney Stodden a feminist?

Courtney Stodden says she's a feminist. Do you agree?

Would you watch a Courtney Stodden porn?

Would you want Courtney Stodden to become a porn star?

Whose sex tape would you rather watch: Courtney's or Farrah's?

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Unbelievable....this girl looks much older than 16! She will leave him when she makes a bunch of money and he will be left feeling like an old fool. By the way, her pathetic mouth gestures are really annoying. She looks like an idiot.


First of all, she looks like a cheap hooker and he looks like her lovesick john. And hey, stupid mother of of this bimbo, it doesn't matter how old they look, it matters how old they really are. Mom has obviously ruined this CHILD and should be ashamed. Can't wait to see how long this farce lasts.


Wow... what state would allow this marriage? Your all right about her parents. This is a crime or should be. She's a child who is grown up too fast and they say all girls look for daddy somewhere in their husbands. Looking more for GRANDDADDY is more like it. Ewww....I'm so happy my daughter is with someone her own age 2 beautiful babies and last year of nursing school. Stories like this makes me a PROUD MOM. i DID SOMETHING RIGHT!


he could have been her grandpa..and i agree with @guest!


if she really 16 then he s a pedofile and should be shot but i don t believe that she is 16 she looks to worn and agedto be that old


Her parents are crazy. Who would let their 16 yr old marry a 51 yr old man??? Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! It should be illegal. And sorry, but she looks like she's 30 (if she actually was 30, it would be different).


Is she really 16? She looks like she's in her 30's


This is Ridiculous!! This Little Girl Should Be Planning For Her Junior Year In High School Or Working Part Time At The Mall...Why Are All Her Pictures So Sexual In Nature. I Understand That She's A Model But Those Pictures Are Too Much. I Blame Her Parents For Not Encouraging/Demanding That She Only Take Age Appropriate Pictures. I Can't Be Certain, But It Seems That Little Miss Courtney Has Had Some Plastic Surgery. Isn't That Illegal For Minors??? As For Hutchinson...He's Sick...What Could A Grown, Experienced Man Possible Have In Common With This Child??? Only One Word Can Describe Him Pedophile...Shame On Her Parents For Not Protecting Her From Him!!


NASTY... thats really all I can say. Sounds like her mom is whorring her out for some quick fame.


Sick what people do sometimes, just sad.