Taylor Armstrong is releasing a memoir about abuse at the hands of her ex-husband. What do you think of this move?

Taylor Armstrong Book Cover

taylor is crazy,she is a liar!!!! it is about money for her watch out...stop endorsing her

Jaan black

yes she's crazy but there has to be some validity to her story...2 things are for sure: she got her @$$ beat by him at least once and he kiiled himself b/c SOMETHING in his brain was off...skeleton sex? well, he was probably right b/c she's disguting and is about as feminine as a box of toothpicks


It's fine, stick it to Russell!
It's digusting!
It's fine... if she donates the proceeds! What is disgusting, is that 59% of you are not disgusted at abuse. Rich, poor, famous, unknown, public, private...abuse is 100% wrong and no woman, man, child should ever be told not to talk about it.


I feel for Taylor I know what it is to live in fear for your life and live in fear of leaving. I did this for ten years and withstood the worst physical and emotional abuse for those long years. One day I just got up and walked away left everything behind including the battering. I found a wonderful man who I was married to for 20 plus years who I recently lost. I am proud of Taylor and understand what she went through. Don't criticize unless you've walked in their shoes. Live a happy and good life Taylor. God Bless you

@ Francine

What is disgusting, is that you are victimized by your own mind. Nobody ISN'T disgusted by abuse. We are disgusted by an opportunistic grifter profiting from tragedy. But just because someone was abused (or raped, or addicted, or whatever) doesn't mean you get cart blanche credibility and I'm not going to feel sorry for you or treat you any differently. That's YOUR cross to bear, not mine. No one owes you anything because you chose to stay with an abuser. I don't have to make up for it. I'm glad for anyone who finds strength to take care of themselves in ANY circumstance, but I've been through horrible times as well and I don't expect a cookie for making better choices. It's what we SHOULD do as human beings.

@ Mon

sorry Francine, I meant this comment for sillywhabbit.

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