What do you think of SNL's Tim Tebow-Jesus skit?

Tim Tebow Photo

Mohammed!?! seriously? If that is your point of view go be a muslim.


Memo to Christians: Get over yourselves! You aren't the best faith on earth!


Mary Beth - Physical depictions of Mohammad in Islam are blasphemy. Physical depictions of Jesus are not; otherwise, we would have much less Renaissance art. There is also a long history in the United States of using religion in humor. Have you ever noticed how Mel Brooks and Woody Allen (both Jews) gently josh Jews and Judaism? I found SNL's depiction of Jesus and Tebow to be both funny and respectful. Lighten up. Despite your fervent wish, we are unlikely to become a Christian theocracy.


Was deeply offended by the portrayal of the Lord Jesus in the SNL Tebow skit. Wonder if Mohammed would ever be portrayed in like manner?

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