Sarah Burge is a British woman who gave her seven-year old a voucher for liposuction. How do you feel about this gift?

Sarah Burge Picture

UK is pretty much! a socialist country; they don't have CPS like the U.S.; I'm beginning to think that we're the only people who really give a damn about our children (albeit, sometimes the government steps in where they don't belong)... the socialists liberals leaning


I support her.
Image is everything these days and the proof of that is in the magazine racks. It is absolutely essential that the right image is projected and Ms Burge is doing the correct thing by her daughter, who will know all the advantages of looking the part by the time she is old enough to use this voucher.


I'm with w loehr. There is something seriously wrong with that "Momma" and I use the term loosely.
She is setting up her daughter's life to one of self-doubt and self-loathing.
Clearly, this parent has self-esteem issues that she is projecting onto her daughter.
It is both pathological and unhealthy. This is child abuse.
Poor kid....she will probably never feel "good enough" due to her Mother's OCD.


How has she not been reported to CPS

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