What do you think of the video for Rihanna's "Rude Boy"?


Haha that’s hlaoriius, lucky timing I guess! :]@Michael: Yeah, who knows? Makes me visualize people with all these lines connecting to other people, which is maybe what they were going for :]@Cory: Cool, very nice post as well! Looks like you and Marin came to the same conclusion I did – why wait around for a new API when it’s simple enough to use as-is?@Marin: I actually just recently started looking into the Open Graph stuff, if you’ve been using it for a few months you’re ahead of me! So far I’ve just been using it for simplish things (like posting to walls, photos, etc.) so haven’t come across any showstoppers. What kind of bugs have you found?@Thang: Awesome!@Elliott: Hey man, nice to see you here! Part 2 just came out :]

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