What do you think of Rihanna and Chris Brown collaborating?

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Will Chris Brown be back in jail ever?

Will Chris Brown be back in jail ever, following his June 2014 release?

Do you feel sorry for Chris Brown?

Do you feel sorry for Chris Brown, getting harassed in jail?

Is Chris Brown akin to Jesus?

R. Kelly says Chris Brown reminds him a bit of Jesus. Do you agree?

Chris Brown: Is he a changed man after rehab?

Chris Brown: A changed man after rehab? Vote in our survey!

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I think he should not date either one...He need to find a girl that he can spend his life with and not worry about who he needs to pick.
He needs a girlfirend like him.. he need a girl that love him for him and not his Money:/


I love Chris brown but he went too far!!!when a man knocks a woman he is a coward....no matter how a woman gets u mad you shouldn't touch her.now that leaves him with a bad reputation!!!rihanna there are so many fishes in the sea,u just take your time!!


what a waste for the people that 100 percent stood by her when he beaten her up! it's like she said to all the girls in the world : oh, it's oke, he can beat me up anytime he feel like it, i won't mind, couse i love him and love mean he can hurting me anytime! she's a role model, she should set a standard about man being a chicken like chris brown! well, she's nothing but a retard girl i think.


well well well this is a tough one i feel like tit doesnt matter but chris just really just need to make up his mind to me if he wants to be with rihanna then thats who he needs to be with and if he wants to be with the other girl then let it be he just needs to stop messing with their minds n just pick someone


I think she is sending a negative message to battered women everywhere. It is sad to me.


hi my names mohmed i from somali i live in birmingham iam so heppy about the couple they back togrther i wish they had nice live and become parent iam sure chris will be best father in the world and also rir she will be best mother in the world i hop one i meet them i love always i am lising ther music i love you guys