What do you think of Prince Harry after his naked photo scandal?

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No matter what other people say. The truth remains the same. What he did is a disgrace. So what if he is in a private place? Does that mean he could act like that? What, we could steal because no body is watching? We could vandalize properties when no one could see us? Does the lack of witness or repercussion justify our bad behaviours? Does privacy means you could do awful things? Many people had committed heinous crimes because they have no witnesses of their actions and thus they are not punished. This would give them courage and their crimes would escalate until they are caught. What Disgraceful Harry did might not be harmful, but what other unwitnessed acts he might have done? This is just a snapshot of what he has done, what other else are there? Getting wasted, sex with strangers, and wasting taxpayer's money is not cool. It smacks of disrespect. Who would leave their country's future to this nincompoop? I would never trust him with anything.


looked like fun, glad he is enjoyimg his life, you are omly young once in your life...have whatever fun you want. he should have been born in the 60's!


I completely understand what Harry did here was normal, a bit gross, but normal for a dude his age. However, Harry is not a normal kid. He wasn't born to lead a normal life, that is just the way it is. He needs to grow up, and get responsible. There is nothing "cool" about this. He might rule some day and, if he continues to act like such a child, God help the people under his rule. I understand where you're coming from Harry but it is TIME TO GROW UP.


prince harry is a twenty something year old man he was in his hotel room not public trying to have some fun. i have no problem with him what i do have a problem with is his getting all the blame what about the women who were with him and either took the picures and sold them. it seems that they were looking to cash in on someone who was famous.


When did putting your genitals all over someone you just met become cool? If that wasn't bad enough he was in a relationship with someone already, doesnt speak much for his character.Hope he learns from this, lives it down and finds more acceptable hygenic and less public ways to amuse himself. Ex Harry fan.


Some people seem to think the only way you can relieve stress is to take your clothes off or take drugs. He's "supposed" to be royalty. Above all that. Have some class/character/strength. I don't agree with what he did and I don't feel sorry for him. He acted like a spoiled brat. He needs to grow up. He's a fool/idiot.


Because Prince Harry is who he is, and in situations like this who knows what girl will speak up next (for the money)to claim he had sex with her,and like Julian Assange, did it again while she was asleep, therfore she feels she was raped. Obviously a lie, but?????


Harry is a seasoned ground combat vet as well as a combat helicopter pilot. He works hard and puts his life on hold for God, Country, and our freedom. The the man decompress. He is not unlike any other soldier except with the added stress of having to live up to "SNOBBY" royal standards. The only difference is that some scumbag exploited him for personal gain. HE WORKS HARD, HE SHOULD PLAY HARD. If he was married, or had kids, that would be another story. GO HARRY! Thank you for your sacrifices!


Let us not forget what Queen Elizabeth stands for. Integrity, honour, respect, respectability etc. God forbid if anything happened to prince william, harry would be next in line to the throne. In recessionary times - should harry be spending the british tax payers hard earned money to romp around naked, most probably have sex with strangers and generally run wild? I had a lump in my throat with pride when i watched the opening of the olympics in london - i thought what a great nation this is. if harry is a representation of honour - spending other peoples money, jumping around drunk and naked - then what hope is there for the future of this world? i think his behaviour is inappropriate for his position - he obviously has no respect for his brother, his family or his country or he would have been more discreet. for shame harry - you are not a pop star - and God forbid you ever become a King.........


No wonder the Americans are not well liked around the world. Its his private life that has been invaded in a private room. Let the man alone for gosh sakes. The British Press has it right....!!