What do you think of President Obama's health care law?

Obama Giving a Speech
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Oh, and by the way.....if you listen to the HATE radio shows, you will be hearing a lot of propaganda and lies. If you want the truth, listen to our leaders directly. Listen to what they say....and then you can make an educated opinion.
There are a lot of lies flying around right now because the Republicans will do just about anything to get Obama out of office.
It is sad when they care more partisan election than working to make our country better.


Our country needed to do something.....health care was in BAD shape. There is a reason why we Americans are so unhealthy....our health care is broken.
It may not be perfect....but it is a START.
I support this health care legislation, and we need to work with our President to fix any problems that may arise as it is implemented. Our hospitals' CEO's support it....one CEO said this program will help solve the ballooning costs. Give it time and give it a chance! It would be a HUGE mistake for our country to throw it out. We need to work with it....


I know some people think this is better than sliced bread but listen to this I just heard a man on the news say people who don't have health insurance will pay over 200.00 a week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just now heard this is how they are going to pay for this, me I have free insurance where I work a HMO but I do have to pay for my Husband's if they took $200.00 a week from us we would lose or house so I don't know how anyone worst off than us they would loose everything, yes I agree we need Health Care Reform but this is not it this is "Murder" to America




It is totally against the U.S. Constitution for this to have passed. ILEGAL IS ILLEAL..... FOR ALL. We are based on "Common Law" NOT "Civil Law".......The only other country based on "common Law" is Britian..... IF there iS law in other countries it mostly is Civil Law.


PLEASE!! Anyone who reads this, we have to get this piece of garbage overturned. DO NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA.


Boy, I hope you're being sarcastic...


FINALLY all these free loaders have to face responsibility. Health care cost are astromical for those who pay for it,those who don't should be fined. I'm tired of paying for all the illegals, their girl friends, their children, and sadly a lot of Americans who are sucking off the Government and us!!!!!!!!