Oprah Winfrey has interviewed the Kardashians for her OWN show. What is your reaction to this?

Oprah and the Kardashians

Stop hating!! Whether you like the Kardashian family or not, you still love to follow each and every step they take. That makes you a loser!!!
And for Oprah, its a win-win situation, love her


I have always respected Oprah and still do. But she is scraping the bottom of the barrel with the Kardashions.
Oprah! What are you thinking? You have never pandered to any particular demographic simply because they are the oddity "du jour".
Why start now?


Let me share my theory ofwhy Oprah did this interviewi've named it "Kim trending". I believe that she only wanted an interview with Kim in order to bring attention to her failing Own network. So she resolved to going there with an interview because whether you like Kim or not you can't deny that Kim attracts a ton of media attention. Yet Momma Jenner would not allow Kim to do interview unless Oprah interviewed the rest of them. You see she has to promote the rest of her "clients". Jenner is very savy because it will make her a ton of money because there is more money that will come her way. So don't blame Oprah she at least is trying to continue her money machine which does help alot of charities. The villian in this game is Kris Jenner. She is the fame Whore.

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