What do you think of Octomom's 'Sexy Party' single?

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Wasn't as bad as Ferrah's. (I believe that's how you spell her name, lol.) Some people think letting a computer "fix" your voice is going to get your fame back. Sorry, you're old news. Nasty, whore-ish bad old news. Mothers are supposed to set good examples for their children. Not the crap she's doing. Just one more reason to laugh at her. :)


That is the worst sounding excuse for music I have ever heard. Cats f*cking actually sounds better. Poor Adam Barta, he hitched his fame wh*re wagon to the nastiest fame wh*re in the world. Hope he can redeem his reputation. He has a small amount of talent and has worked hard for the little bit of success he has. Too bad he now has this mess on his resume. Run Adam, run.

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