Miley Cyrus has gone short. Very short. What do you think of this look?

Miley Cyrus Short Hair
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Ea este foarte frumoasa asa cum este, noul look este superb! I`m writting from Roumania:)


FUCKING UGLY ! she looks like that nerdkid from harry potter XD


i think she looks better with the long hair anyway she can do whatever she wants she's free


i love it she looks adorable!!


I think it looks awesome tbh I don't get what the hype is though she can do what the hell she wants with her hair.


I love how all of you people on here bash how one person changes her hair alls it matters is they like it, and the whole kids looking up to her yes she shouldnt had made sum choices with what shes done with her life but im sure a majority of ppl out there have done things of the same way to sum1 in their lives by being a bad role model, at least shes not making a living off the 16 and pregnant show, shes maken herself happy with her self and not bringing babies in to the world like a lot of young girls are doing.


Miley Cyrus can cut her hair anyway she pleases. She's young and if she doesn't like it, it will grew back. Let the girl live her life....


I don't care how much money she has, she has always looked like trailer park trash. Now she looks like trailer park trash with short blond hair. Ewwwwww


She looks terrible. Reminds me of the time Brittney Spears shaved her head.


yiou know its just hair come on she has a really cute face she could get away with anything disney controlled her for so long she is now exspressing herself you go girl i like it