Miley Cyrus has gone short. Very short. What do you think of this look?

Miley Cyrus Short Hair
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Sorry I have to agree, not good. Ugly!!!


Superstar Miley can do what she wants. Very much reminds me of Madonn at that age.


why did you do that to yourself miley, i used to love your long brunette curly hair and then you dyed it blonde and it was also so pretty bt NOW? ew you look like a boy, i think that you should stay at home until your hair grows because it's seriously thaaaaaaaaat bad !!


ew its disgusting seriously i hate it, you were so pretty bro what happened?? good girl gone wild? chillaxx girl i don't think liam would ever agree to get married to you.. sorry to burst your bubble miley :(


well , i like miely any way and she is right we all have oppinions (that does not give u the right to insult ppl and their dissitions) and mine is , i think that brown long hair suets her more , but her hair will eventually gorw soon and she will look as good as b4 and maybe even better :)


wat does liam think of it..u like it..does he like it too?


Seriously, it was her choice to cut it short if you don't like it then don't say anything. She did it for the kids who have cancer and I think its sweet and thoughtful. :)


I wonder what her fiancé thinks if it....


I think its cute with her big eyes....BUT....i will tell her like my gr-daughter (10) who wanted to get something simular...growing it out is a bitch(didn't use that word with my gr-daughter lol!