Miley Cyrus has gone short. Very short. What do you think of this look?

Miley Cyrus Short Hair
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We're all people, we're all unique. Just because she's a celebrity doesn't mean that she shouldn't be able to freely express who she is. You go girl, and stand up for who you are. There's too many people out there as it is who are too coward to do so because they're too busy trying to please everyone else. These are the types of people who are criticizing.


her face her body her hair.... we may not like what she does or did but if she likes it then she likes it.. :) shes still beautiful and is still a child of God!!!


at the end of the day, its her hair, she can do what she pleases.. if she was such a role model with her long hair, why isn't she now she has short hair? you shouldn't judge anyone from their hair. i think she makes a better role model with short hair than without because she's doing what she likes and not what other low life people like. she's always going to be the Miley I grew up watching on disney channel, except now she's shown me that she doesnt have to have long hair to get noticed. she was never my role model but now, i look up to miley a lot! like miley said "if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all."


what happend to my role model i think its great she takes pride in it but my beloved pop star


I seriously don't know what to think about this harcut. I don't know if I still love Miley as I used to. But what's certain is that she changes. And she won't stop there. So instead of being so horrified, wait till you see what she'll do next time, and remember that moment. You'll tell yourself it was not that bad...
I wish I could understand her.
And I'll be her fan until what she does or says doesn't speak to me anymore.


you were the most beutiful girl before i cant be tamed,this haircut and bla bla bla,I always answered who said miley is silly but now I cant answer them cause they are right I hope you didnt change:(


i love miley but when she cutted her hair i didnt like her anymore


o my gosh! miley looked sooooooooooo pretty with dark long hair. It made her eyes stand out. This style is not so not her! It's horrible, no offense. I'm sorry if ihurt ur feelings, but all i'm trying to say is that u shoud've trusted ur naturally beauty.
Don't get me wrong. I'LL STILL SUPPORT U!!!


i HATE miley cyrus, but i have to say her hair looks great. most people cant let the 'disney princess' style of how hair should be out of there heads, its dub that no one an see the beauty in this cut, for one it makes her face shape look amazing, and it also helps her cheek bones to stand out, as well as making her eyes look bigger. i think that the colour is great, remember shes not going for princess shes trying to look edgy, and i think she achievs that


She looks like shit. Anyone who has eyes can clearly determine that it was a terrible choice for her. She has made herself look uglier than ever and has gone from looking like a monkey to an alley rat. I am not speaking to her character because I do not know her, I am simply stating that she needs a wig. Miley claims she loves herself, well thank goodness for her because she will be criticized forever for that decision. It is worse than Brittany's bald ass, which was at least amusing. She is not Pink, Gaga, or Katie so I suggest for her to ger her shit together.