Whoa! Did Miley Cyrus go overboard with this outfit at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards?

Miley Cyrus Billboard Music Awards Outfit
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i lioke how she is goin' her own way u don't wanna copy all the other stars but it does look like u r waering a fancy blouse not a dress


I think she looked AMAZING! I absolutely loved the outfit. She is such a beautiful young lady :)


don't be so stupid! shes not a slut? if you got it flaunt it right? and omg how are these people saying shes not pretty, shes absolutely stunning! blind judgmental people...


Miley is a SLUT. sings like a frog. A true redneck!!!


i think Maryanne
just a fucking hater maybe in really life ur just a fat ass girl who is so miserable with her life...like seriously people just go off judging miley cyrus and why is that?becasue they`re fucking haters well i think thats just stupid she wasnt trying to copy rihannah or anybody she`s being her fucking self..grow up and accept that she`s grown up and has changed didnt anybody ever told you that ppl grow up and change?judging from that i dont think so. go judge ur self and leave her alone this goes out to all the haters.


I think Miley is doing her own thing. To hades with what anyone else think. Do yo thang baby!


She is not even original, (Rihhana?) wore this before Miley did...
She is not really pretty, she should have work done on her buck teeth....why doesn't she wear a sign AVAILABLE 24/7..She's not classy, she's slutty looking..She really doesn't have that much to show off, she still has baby fat...


Beautiful, Miley! Love the body chain, too!


She is absolutely flawless. I dont think its too far, shes got an amazing body, and she works hard for it, let her show it off!


Well, it looks about the same as Jada last week. I don't get it, but I think calling her a slut is stupid, and probably a little on the jealous side. She is going to do whatever it takes to break that Hannah Montanna mold, just like the Mousketeers did. She is not hurting anyone, and hopefully she will outgrow it before she has kids.