Madonna posted a photo online of her 13-year old son holding a gin bottle. React to it now.

Madonna's Son with Liquor

Really? I don't believe they were actually drinking. Do you have any proof?
No, I'm sure you really don't but they're celebrities so everyone is allowed to judge them and make assumptions. Exactly. You have your free speech so say WHATEVER you want because this is a FREE COUNTRY.
Haha! That one always gets me. 'FREE COUNTRY.' 'FREE SPEECH.' I may be 11 years old, but politics... Not impossible to figure out about.


Although I think its totally innapropriate for her to be posting pics of her kid underage holding liquor she is a huge wonderful talent and loves her kids and I know she would never put them in a bad position

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Leave her alone. She’s gonna be 16 soon and then 17 and then 18, and then she might show her knees and then what's gonna happen?

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My husband and I are not planning on getting a divorce. I know Alex Rodriguez through Guy Oseary, who manages both of us. I brought my kids to a Yankee game. I am not romantically involved in any way with Alex Rodriguez. I have nothing to do with the state of his marriage or what spiritual path he may choose to study.