A company has come out with Kristen Stewart is a Trampire T-shirts. What do you think of them?

Trampire Shirt
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This is totally sexist if a 22 year old guy were doing exactly what kristen stewart is doing hollywood would think nothing of it. Think about it--if Rob pattison beat kristen to it and was cheating on her with a married director or producer hollywood would turn a blind eye to it and tell her to get over it. I am so sick of this worl treating women like second class citizens. Kristen is not married--that director is...leave her alone she is free white and can do what she wants. Why isn't eberyone giving the cheater married director a hard time and telling Rob to get over it am move on.


Gee whiz with all the perfect people bashing a 22 year old girl, you would think that we live in a Eutopian society, People need to mind their own business and take a look around before throwing stones!!!


Hey it's just a movie, not a lifestyle, give the lady a break.


This has gone too damn far! She made a mistake and she admitted it! Get a life people!