A company has come out with Kristen Stewart is a Trampire T-shirts. What do you think of them?

Trampire Shirt
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They are young and at that age mistakes comes and goes.
Rob should forgive her and give Kristen another chance. For something like this to happen, rob was not given the attetion that, that a** h*** was given and taking advantage of the situation.
Leave Kristen alone and go see how many time that director has been unfaithfull to his wife with other womans. DO THE RESEARH please.
Kristen do not worry "this should pass too"


I hope people will not be putting money in this a** pockets he is a low life and just wants to cash in on someones pain thats not right but that the world we now live in where are the jolie shirts the only person that has been treated this bad is leann rimes and she did not get a tee shirt


Kristen was bamboozled by Rupert! He is lots older, her boss and knows more about life then Kristen. I hope Rob and her can get back together, but it does not look like it. There had to be problems in their relationship before she did that. I also think she wanted to get caught. Love them...


I like it i hate cheaters they have no moral compass if they will cheat on someone they love with passion they what can you ever belive from this person. Mistake my a** what did she trip on it i have been married almost 30 years i'm beautiful and men want me all the time i'v always stayed true to my husband because i belive in my dinity and character that is something people need to have. and we need to perach to to our younger people.


they need to leave her alone grow up she aint the only person who cheat before i just hope that god is with her she made a mistake she no it please i hope robert who give her another chance life is to short i love youll both always going to be a fan please come together to talk it out for too late


Get a life people, she is only 22 and she admitted her mistake and has paid for it.If someone truly loves you they should have forgiveness.


STOP! This non-sense. The media and others are making like Kristen is the ONLY person that ever CHEATED. I mean, yeah it was poor judgement what was done. But she was not the ONLY one involved in this "BS" SCANDAL, Go rag on Rupert and leave Kristen only. Best Wishes to Kristen and stay strong through all this boohaha. Your fans will stand with you.


Come on people grow up. I think that people just need to back the hell off and leave her alone. Everyone at least once in life make a mistake. People expect to much these days. Get a damn life.


Only small people could do something like that, the ones that don't have personal life or a p[professional one and take advantage of other people life’s. Kristen proved that she is brave and responsible assuming her mistakes and who those days in Hollywood jungle or outside of that can say that ?!! She do not have to prove anything to anybody not even to Rob. She is an excellent actress with a bright future ahead and wish her all the best. Life is made by mistakes and that's how we learn the most valuable lessons that build an excellent character and person.


can anyone tell me why leo dicaprio is so cute? what's up with that? for reals