What do you think of Kody Brown and Sister Wives?

Sister Wives Family Picture
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i met kody brown and he's a really nice guy and his wife janelle is way sweet!!


how do they afford all these houses? where did their money come from before the show?

@ mary

Reality TV show.


I think it's fine if that is what makes them happy. They are not pressuring their children into living the religion they live in. I could see living this way myself. I love the show!


The only thing I care about is that the taxpayers are supporting Kody's sex addiction. Three of these women are actually single mothers with tons of kids, they get welfare, food stamps, etc. Since this is verified by this "reality" show, the government shold cut them off!

@ Susie Simons

I would think that should be on the show, how they use and deserve gov $


I feel like they all love each other.if their happy leave them alone.I would love to meet this family.I would think it would be awesome.I could see myself hanging out with these ladies.


i think its wonderful and i think they all go good together and fit in as one big happy family. my opinion is that the brown family can make any choices that they want to. good luck! this is one of my favorite tv shows. i see the family living their faith the best they can.


There is nothing wrong with this family, other than it may not be like yours. there is love and support. People are afraid of anything they don't know and therefore pass judgement. It's sad that people have to hide their beliefs and lifestyles so that others can sit in a pew on Sunday and claim righteousness.


REALLY LADIES!! WHAT KIND OF HUSBAND HAS A TWO SEATER CAR WHILE THE WIVES DRIVE AROUND IN THEIR MINI VAN. Where does all of the children ride when does his part as a parent to take part in their lives? You all seem like really nice ladies. Kick him to the curb and get you another husband to share!


Sick, sick, sick. Cody is a disgusting sex maniac! Intimate with one wife- then move on to the next. Yuk! These women are pathetic with no self esteem. I would like to know HOW they are not jealous of sharing their husband with other women. It is NOT normal. It makes furious to even think of my husband with another woman!
Yes, I KNOW I don't have to watch, but I keep hoping to see at least one of them leave this crazy lifestyle. It's the show I love to hate.

@ julie

Yes, waiting for the first one to break out! Now that's a show I'll watch!


I've had no objections from a religous standpoint, and was open minded about the lifestyle, but gradually I've come to see that this family is not healthy. Kody is not a bad person but he seems manic and it's creepy the way he requires all this female attention. The wives don't seem happy no matter what they may say. Although, they do smile and laugh, they have a dissociated look in their eyes. Christine's baby, Truly, seems completely neglected by Kody since he has the new wife, Robyn, and her children. That can't be unusual when there are so many children and only one father to go around. Why bring more children in when the ones you have don't get enough as it is? The adults can do what they want but there are always the children to pay the price. And what will happen to all the left over boys who will have no wives, the Lost Boys? How is this justified?