Here's the best photo yet of it. Sound off now on Kim Kardashian's wedding gown.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress

I thought we finally waded through all the Kartrashian BS. Then here comes the mother, and ruined another program--The Talk. Is television that hard up--I am so curious what kind of person thinks highly of this trashy family? E! certainly has been ruined.


This marriage is fake just like every part of kim kardashian's body. she needs to stop buying her 15 minutes of fame. God, she is like herpes, just can't get rid of her. This is who she picks to marry? i thought she could have any man in the world.Did they pay each other to get married. Who the hell is he? have never heard of him? He must be proud to be Mr Kim Kardashian. Pretty sad when you can pay 1 dollar to see your wife suck a dick.I give this bullshit marriage less than a year. Ooh and why does he look so slow, too many balls to the head?


Im sick of Kim! this marriage is doomed...

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