Kim Kardashian went out for Halloween at the Batman character Poison Ivy. Do you like this get-up?

Kim Kardashian Costume
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life imitating know she's a carrier monkey of many STDs




dude.... she look crazy as hell and to be honest I am SOO DAMN SICK of all the gossip sites using K instead of C in any post about her or the Kardashian clan.... it is just annoying at this point really... REALLY annoying not amusing ANNOYING!!


I was at ur Miami store and it was awful.....I will never watch ur show again...your employees hate you


You andbyour dash stores are such a fake


To ben-idk, but i wish she'd teach me how.


im with teri, kim k is a no talent sleeze. why is anyone watching her on tv. and why is it she is pulling in millions of dollars for having no talent when others with actual talent and brains are struggling financially??


Why is she famous????? BLAH

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