It's 20.5 carats. But would you wear it?

Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring Pic
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To me its to big it looks fake i like Kloe's ring a lot better it is so much prettier.


good for you Kimmy you try so hard at things and your an all around mess. But its cute 'cause you come buy it naturally. falling getting a skin rash,and you only have that one pose, that is out if date, the one where your tilting your head up with your mouth hanging open, and that thing you do with your hands like you have a snake in them( your hands ) the poses you did for playboy and the pearls yup htats the pose, or and your ass in the air like your in heat. And to top it off lose the hand held video making thing, thats where you showed your true colors.Have a wonderful wedding and merrage bye for now Kimmy


Its beautiful!! Shes Beautiful!!


If she likes it, then that's really all that matters. Personally, I would feel uncomfortable to wear it out in public. It's a robbery waiting to happen!! I just hope that Kris Jenner will back off (she won't) her cash cow daughters and give it a rest! The marketing of her family is reaching the 'too much' stage. I'm waiting for her to get little Mason a gig next!


love all the kardashians. i wouldnt know what to do with 20 karats, but good for her. best of luck kim and kris.


She doesn't even like that ring she just wanted one that was bigger than Khloes, it's all about competition for Kim.Alot of people dislike Kim but it's really not her fault people are looking her up or that she is able to sell herself n every way.Kim was a nobody that no one noticed when she tried to be like Paris Hilton then Like Jlo by getting that brazillian butt lift and changing her whole face.


This family lives in EXCESS & feel entitled. Sad that most of America agrees given the past history of this family mom included. E should be ashamed of themseves actually but given that its all about money & the family will sell there soul for it. Its full of that narsistic gene in this family & no one goes unscathed or untouched by it.
To think it all started with MOMMA & her bad behaviour then Kim & porn.. What does that say to our young women of today? Just continue to be a hoe & you will succeed.
This family is way out of hand & please don't call me a hater.. I once really kinda liked them but am very turned off by all these shenanigins, greed & entitlement & Kris Humpheries bought in lock stock & barrell.. UGH


It is to big. Who really needs 20 carats? However if that is what she wanted and she can wear that big of a ring then power to her. Good for her. Happy for them both. I personally would not wear a 20 carat ring...


Too gaudy in my book, but to each his own!


Nicole Simpson rest in peace