What do you think of Kathie Lee Gifford's comments implying that the parents of addicts are to blame for their kids' struggles?

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Tell her to walk a mile in a broken-hearted Momma's shoes! Actually, no, I pray she never has to wonder when the knock on the door will come and someone will tell her that her child was found dead with a needle in his arm. I hope she never has to question the darkness of addiction and live through its hell.


This is the typical Kathie Lee, she has never been a compassionate person, simply a judgemental beotch. Why she continues to have fans is the real mystery.


What she said is an insults to all parents who try there best. You can raise your chidren the right way when they are adults its up to them to do the right thing thru continued support, and love. My mom raised 5 of us. Im a nurse, I had a sister who passed away at 46 almost 2 yrs ago due to alchol. She was a fashion designer who started out never touching a drop, to having martini lunches with clients. My other brothers are teacher, social worker, and a loca poltician, My mom did her best. Even at a early age, parents cant watch their kids 24hrs/day in schools etc. Kathie Lee Gifford has had a priviledged life, and she does not know or understand what it is to suffer or struggle thru poverty/ addictions. This is why she is not qualified to share her knowledge on this delicate topic,


When is someone going to get this stupid b##ch off the air? She's ignorant, and as far as passing judgement on anybody else, she's a True Hollywood Story waiting to happen - just wait til her kids reach adulthood and start writing books. I refuse to watch anything to do with her because her idiocy shows through, from something that may seem as trivial as not knowing her guest's wife is deceased (Martin Short) to insulting families who have suffered through losing someone to drugs, no matter what was attempted to save that person. She makes me sick.


Are you kidding me. I have 4 children 3 boys and 1 daughter. We lost my daughter @ the age of 17 for texting and driving. I currently work for 3 different foundation that are related to educating children, young adults and parents. Too much education is needed and apparently YOU are one of the parents that needs to be educated!!!
To accuse us parents of lost children of failure no matter the reason of loss, is outrageous. Our family never thought it would happen to us. I guess it will take a tragedy in your life to realize we are good parents TOOOO Disappointed,
Cindi Aguirre