In an interview, Justin Bieber made reference to Prince William's thinning hair. What do you make of these comments?

Justin Bieber Salute

Justin next time think wht ur sayin nd ppl no need to be horrible every1 mkes their own mistake nd will learn from it so use can all shut up nd let the boy live his life xxxxxx


FUCK U JUSTIN u're just a supid kid who will never grow up so shut the fuck up HOE


Justin! Justin! Justin! Dude you are out of line. First of all who the hell are you to make comments on anyone when you run around on stages actually pretending to be an entertainer. You shot to fame on YouTube, not sure why. You can stand on stage with a gazillion rappers and you can't rap, can't sing, you have no rhythm, and I don't like you. Grow up and realize that once the screaming teeneagers grow up and you have to appeal to adults back to YouTube your talentless a** will go.

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