Julianne Hough donned blackface for a 2013 Halloween costume. React to that move now!

Julianne Hough Blackface

there are more things to worry about in the world then a halloween costume if wasnt done to hurt anyone give it up


why is this even a story. it is HALLOWEEN people! she wore a COSTUME of a new and upcoming actress on a TV show! this is exactly why everyone ignores black people. because, if you recognize them, they have to start trouble. i am Team Julianne - she did NOTHING wrong, and an apology is completely NOT necessary!


I don't think Julianne meant to be rude, and maybe people need to forgive one little mistake. Everyone makes them.

@ Kimye+T

I agree.Personally ,I think the whole thing was blown out of proportion.


Leave her alone! Not everything is racist? This is just silly, perood.

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