Jennifer Lopez strikes a pose here for People. What do you think of her look on the cover?

Jennifer Lopez People Cover

It's gonna be a crime to see a woman of 43 years cheating on a man of 25 years old. Why cheating? Money or love? You have both of them? Jason is there no room Casper. It's really ugly I hope Casper realizes the secret. Hmmmmmm! Good luck girl!


I love it you look fantastic. They just want to drive you crazy. Don't worry about vote.


Casper! Mama bear and twins bear are out of town right! You're hanging out with dog bear great! Now why she's out for promoting her movie and you can't be there? Why? I think it would be an honnor for to have her boyfriend by her side over there. Sorry Casper fake boyfriend! Do you think you are able to control that woman? Are you jealous or not? When you are in love you should be jealous not like a stupid. Open your eyes and grow up. Even if she's older than you and richer but you're already man. You need to put money in your porket. Do you know what's going over there. This is crazy.

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Jennifer Lopez is Pregnant
Jennifer Lopez is divorced from Marc Anthony and the mother of twins. She's also enjoyed a revived music career thanks to her gig as an... More »
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