TLC has given Honey Boo Boo Child and her family their own reality show. Did you watch it? What do you think of the Thompsons?

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i totally hate them tlc is stupid for doing a show about them they shoud not have won the crown on toddlers and tiaras yesterday


TLC...this is so wrong on all sorts of levels! stereotyping southerners, misusing children for ratings, promoting sexual promiscuity, the list could go on, but you get the point! You should be ASHAMED!!


... I forgot to add that I didn't watch the show. The commercials are enough for me. I will not give that show ratings. I'm the first person to give any show a chance, but this is just plain ridiculous. I don't mean to offend anyone... I never comment on these things but this show made me angry. I have always loved TLC and their family shows are awesome but this makes me second guess their entire network. I hope they don't continue to make stupid shows like this.


TLC took this way too far... Toddlers and Tiara's is enough. We do not need to see more of their "lives". I don't understand what they were thinking to be honest. My husband said "This show makes me lose even more hope in humanity. How can people like that get a TV show?!?" I have to say, I agree. Real people from the South are not like that. I live in AZ, so I'm not an expert, but come on... Seriously TLC?


Alana is adorable....
her family is also likeable....June is the boss...i can see she loves her daughters....
The 17 year old is pregnant ...thats the only thing i don't like on the show.....where's the baby 's dad?.
The father is also a hard work man...ready to help his family...
They are a happy family...enjoying the most of whats happening around them.


The whole concept for this show is absurd and I mentioned that fact from the beginning. The teenaged program exec's that ok'ed this thing, should be shown the door.


This show was sickening! As someone from the south, I am insulted by the portrayal of people who live in this area of the country. What they are doing to this child as parents should not be rewarded by any network. Not funny unless you have a sick sense of humor. She's a child for goodness sake!!!!