TLC has given Honey Boo Boo Child and her family their own reality show. Did you watch it? What do you think of the Thompsons?

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It is realy sad what "The Learning Channel" became?


Just stop watching TLC


If you are going to critique the show or the family I believe it would be more effective if you pay attention to your grammar and spelling.


LMAO - i'm glad this show is on because it really views how the poor white southerners live. Poor White Trash who are rednecks, peckerwoods and pure uneducated ignorance now have a reality show that is the TRUE reality. Keep it on forever. Love you Honey Boo Boo Child and Family. LMAO


I think it's sad that an audiance can be found for this kind of programing. The show makes fools of them all. I am from Georgia and these are the type of people we try not to notice. But heck their making money. So I guess good for them...


How EMBRASHING FOR GA to be portrayed as such trashy, ignorant people.


I'm from the south, North Carolina, thank God we are not all like that bunch. This show is a disgrace, should be removed and forgotten about.


I am from Georiga and I about fell out of my chair when they showed where they are from. All i can say is not all Georgians are like them they are ture 100% REDNECK. "that dollar makes me holla Honey Boo Boo" wow wow wow but it is a train wreck and i will keep watching. From what i saw june cares for her family but she should watch the show and really think about how tlc is protraying her family. I just want to know if anyone else notice every time they showed the house if you saw a train. hmmmm


to hear them talk about finding deer on the road and naming the deer they eat was hilarious, disgusting, yet so trashy. I have not seen a show like this and the rerrible portrayal of a child in all my life. It is ashame but TLC want viewers and money. It's a comedy. As for the Toddlers and Tiara show, I just did not understand why the mother wanted her to show her stomach to the judges? You don't do that in the pageant world. The family has No class on all levels but I blame child's behavior on the parents. She has the personality that will go far in the land of tv, and the family needs money.


btw i totally agre with all you my mom and i cant stand them they should cancell this why is that famly such a dush bag