What do you think of Farrah Abraham's new song?

Farrah Abraham on the After Show
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SCREW YOU HATERS!!!!!!!111!!!!!!1!!!1!!! THIS SHITS THE SHTI!1!!!!!!!1!! sorry caps waz on.


I wish I was still 5 and thought I could do anything. As if it weren't sad enough she really thought she had a shot at being a model, now she's come out with this. The book thing wasn't a surprise there's plenty of ghost writers out there looking for a cut of someone's life, anyone seen Snooki's book, but this?! Really!? She must be COMPLETELY delusional...


Probably not a good move if you are trying to recover from your "debilitating depression". People are obviously not going to react kindly to this mess. I mean either your about as sharp as a wet bag of hair or you really like the abuse.....BTW I skip through all of your scenes on teen mom. I cant stand what a mean, hurtful, annoying person you are. AND YOU TREAT PEOPLE LIKE CRAP LADY!!! your the annoying one not everyone else around you!!!!




OMG!! Are they aerious??? Please!!!! This is soooooooo fucking BAD


OMG! I feel bad for her daughter, in the future kids are gonna look up her mom and hear the garbage that I just heard, She is going to be bullied for life!!! She should stop being so selfish and think of what this could do to her kid!!!It makes me sad we as a societyt have glorified teen pregnancy!! We need to be sending a better message...To change the world we first need to change ourselves!!


wowreally as if bn a dumbass on tv wasnt enough she had to come out with this :? get a clue b a mom and atleast if u wanna prusue a musical carrer use your real voie and if u have to cover it up this much u have no buisness recording it and damaging ppls hearing ! id rather listen to the wiggels and i hate the wiggels lol now it makes me wonder bout her book :? hope shes better at that and she isnt a complete falur at life !


Okay who ever is putting this out needs to get a knock in the head, that is the worst thing i've ever heard and they couldn't DIGITALIZE it enough to make it sound at least TOLERABLE, it's AWFUL!!!!!!!!


WTF. Is this a joke. This is the worse thing i have ever heard in my entire life.


I think my ears are bleeding. I actually listened to the entire song just waiting for her real voice to come out. Which it didnt. If you need that much of a mask over on your voice stay the hell away from the mic. Like really did she even listen back to the track before releasing it? My guess is NO!