Enrique Iglesias, Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj may join Mariah Carey as American Idol judges. Would they be solid selections?

Nicki Minaj in NYC

Well! an ideal judge must be an experienced singer as far as i know.
Obviously,those 3 people suggested above are all famous and talented but who knows if they can make a good judge as we wish?
I suggest Lauri Ylonen from The Rasmus. He's a Finnish succesful and experienced artist who's been guest judge on Finnish Idols twice.
I'm sure he can make a perfect judge this year
The last one is obviously ADAM LAMBERT


Idol DEF. needs Adam Lambert as a judge.
Like legit. He's got talent and he was on the show. They should have judges that were on the show!
Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson.... SOMEONE!


Nicki bluää m gonna throw up she's a barbie and fake one. but Enriqueee


Ugh. Obnoxious. I thought it was going to be pherrel and nick jonos, the latter of whom I thought was ridiculous. But minaje is 10x worse. Come on idol, give us Adam lambert"

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