What do you think of Chris Rock's White People's Day Tweet?

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If the blacks would shut up and think how bad they would have it if they were not brought to america. I mean have you stupid people been to Africa your so called Mother Land? Africa were blacks live in mud huts, infected with aids, no education shall i cont... I have a idea lets give the ones a one trip ticket to Africa and let them stay that would solve alot of our wellfare problems.


I can only imagine the thoughts of our brave black vets from WWI, WWII, Korean Action & Veitnam War (yes I'm a vet of that war) comin home to face the rabid racism that awaited us after puttin our black asses on the line...for "Home of the brave" & land of the free. Being a proud young airmen in full dressed "class A" uniform in San Antonio Tex & being told by the ticket lady that Me & my latino buddy had to sit upstairs becoz if there was a fire..."White people had to get out "First"! Reminds me even now of the hipocrisy this country continues to promote on the "4th of July" better known as "Independence Day" (Free at last...THANK GOD ALMIGHTY I'M FREE AT LAST!


Omg if a white person made a comment about black day the animals would go nuts




Give it up Chris Rock and whoever is upset about whites celebration on the 4th...If you don't like it don't celebrate it...No one is forcing you!


I wonder if the Brits are ticked off that America celebrates Independence Day every year. When we stop talking about the American revolution, then we can stop talking about American slavery and the transatlantic slave trade. It's part of our history and American heritage. It is what it is and you can't change it. That's what happened. Why would anyone be offended? Are the Brits offended? No. They are our chief allies. Wish black and white Americans could get along so well.


i feel that all he said was true. we forced african americans to celebrate a holiday (independence day) when the in fact were not. people forget that in fighting in the war that african american men were usually the first in. they were fighting for a country that was home fighting them. no i dont think its racism, i think its on man stating facts that people feel uncomfortable with...


He was probably just trying to be funny. I don't think it's that big of a deal.


Wow. We are still talking about slavery in 2012. Chris Rock is a wealthy black, who should know better. What is his problem with slavery.? It happened, and is probably the biggest scar on our heritage. Would he like all whites to become slaves, and all blacks become masters? Hey Chris, get a life, and enjoy your wealth and celebrity status. Some things are not always permanent.


And actually, I want to thank Chris rock and all the other African Americans who say that the "4th of July is white mans day". Bout Damn time we have a day thats ours ;)