What do you think of Chris Brown's Halloween costume?

Chris Brown, Terrorist Costume

If he dressed up as a terrorist clad in black, just dressed as HIMSELF with no racially discriminating clothes on, sure. But the point is that he dressed up as A MIDDLE EASTERN. Which is highly fucking offensive to middle eastern people obviously and is a completely ignorant stereotype. If you guys actually admire him for dressing up this way, then america is truly fucked up.


Hey people, he's a stupid NIGGER, what did you expect?

@ Kitty

what a disgusting word. All I can do is feel sorry for your pathetic mentality, and be thankful Im not an ugly hateful person. wow. thought we'd escaped the dark ages.

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Chris Brown Biography

Chris Brown Tattoo
Chris Brown was born in 1989, which means he couldn't even buy beer when he first broke onto the scene. But man, this R&B singer... More »
Tappahannock, Virginia
Full Name
Christopher Maurice Brown