What do you think of Chris Brown's Halloween costume?

Chris Brown, Terrorist Costume
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Will Chris Brown be back in jail ever?

Will Chris Brown be back in jail ever, following his June 2014 release?

Do you feel sorry for Chris Brown?

Do you feel sorry for Chris Brown, getting harassed in jail?

Is Chris Brown akin to Jesus?

R. Kelly says Chris Brown reminds him a bit of Jesus. Do you agree?

Chris Brown: Is he a changed man after rehab?

Chris Brown: A changed man after rehab? Vote in our survey!

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If he dressed up as a terrorist clad in black, just dressed as HIMSELF with no racially discriminating clothes on, sure. But the point is that he dressed up as A MIDDLE EASTERN. Which is highly fucking offensive to middle eastern people obviously and is a completely ignorant stereotype. If you guys actually admire him for dressing up this way, then america is truly fucked up.


Hey people, he's a stupid NIGGER, what did you expect?

@ Kitty

what a disgusting word. All I can do is feel sorry for your pathetic mentality, and be thankful Im not an ugly hateful person. wow. thought we'd escaped the dark ages.