Where do you come down on the Chaz Bono/DWTS controversy?

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If you are chemically imbalanced/mentally disturbed over who/what you are. There are doctors to go to for help. You shouldn't have yourself butchered up. Go seek help/get therapy/whatever it takes to correct the DESEASE you have. It's a form of mental illness that needs to be addressed not catered to. You are what you are. You can't change your sex by having an operation and if you do you are living in DENILE, A LIE.


I will say this about my experiences with lesbians/homosexuals. The women that I meet who are lesbian are usually very sexually aggressive. More than any man I've ever met in my whole life. I find the gay men to be overly feminine and very aggressive towards young males especially. There's a gay man who has his own gossip site online who draws hearts on the genitals/pictures of the male celebs. I'm sure lots of young people go to his site because of the open view he has on sexuality. I don't find that healthy and I find him to be disgusting. He should realize as a influential gay man that he has a responsibility to the gay community and to young people to conduct himself in a tasteful/respectful manner. He shouldn't even be allowed to have a website. Why should I be made to feel that I'm the one who is wrong because I won't embrace a culture/way of life that I find so very distrustful/manipulative/disgusting/immoral and sick?


It's terribly sad to read such hateful comments and to see such ignorance. It makes me very grateful that i was raised to not judge others, or hate people for the way they look or who they are.


I love that DWTS has stepped out of the box, it may actually open peoples eyes about what is going on in the world right now!!! I think people should worry about there own issues and not worry so much about what everyone else is going through, what they are or once was is not the reason we watch DWTS.... Im very much a christian and Im a very proud Americian and I happy to say Im opened mu=inded enough to understand. I hope he wins the whole thing!!!!


People need to get a grip!! You'd think it was something highly contagious they might catch!! I'm going to really enjoy watching DWTS this cycle. My only concern with Chaz is his weight. He is very obese & this is a very trying show. I'm assuming he's gotten a doctors approval. I just don't want him to drop dead from all the working out it takes 7 hours a day... just be careful Chaz & I'll be cheering for you!!!


The more you make of it, the more people will wath out of curiousity. For me, who cares! I like the show and will watch.


The "christian" extremists strike again. You go Chaz!


Who cares...I wish he would lose the weight it would help a whole lot. looks unhealthy as well as uncomfortable. I never thought a child of Cher & Sonny would be so overwweight let alone trans gender


Couldn't shock treatment or a lobotomy fix whatever mental malfunction that...disgusting trans human has? There is no message here other then what not to do to yourself.
I am sick of the ever encroaching homosexual agenda. Stop pushing this on us.


People of all different kinds are contestants on Dancing with the Stars, so it doesn't bother me that Chaz is on the show.