Where do you come down on the Chaz Bono/DWTS controversy?

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Boi I am glad that I came back here to read the last few comments. skylark211 needs to change her name to skylark911 and ask for some serious meds when the paramedics arrive to take her away for some "rest"


I have no problem w/changing one's sex.Since I was 17 I have not been confortable being a woman.BUT this tub of lard is on national tv not even dancing, get him the heck off.As far as Cher supporting him, I am for that, she is a mom.


Chaz Bono CANNOT DANCE...that is the bottom line. Vote him off!


i like Chaz Bono. Chaz was transgender from FTM now. But She was before gay from look like become man. He take medication hormae injection for become man. My former niece was transgender of FTM now. He was still vagina but got remove utres and ovaly and both breast now. Now I call my nephew Alex was transgender of FTM now.
Chaz was brave for his new life become man now. I believe that young
woman was mistake baby born gender from body transgender FTM.
Chaz will be go married for his girl friend on next year.
I am happy for Chaz Bono. I hope he will be back dance next week.


This is suppose to be a family show, not a 'How Low Can YOu Go, show. I feel sorry for Chastity. Something has gone terribly wrong in her life to make her do such a thing. With Cher as her mother-- acting like some tough biker chick all the time-- is it any wonder Chastiy is confussed about her gender. She was an adorable little girl on the Sonny and Cher Show. Anyone can believe anything they choose, but it will never change the fact of what just is. That there is a God and He makes the rules. Gay life style is against His will and commandments. That will never change. We can all believe want we, but He will never change. Hang in there Chastity.


I feel sorry for Chaz Bono. She is a very confused woman. I am sure that growing up with Cher as your mother would not be easy to deal with. It's too bad that Sonny got killed when he ran into that tree while skiing. He was a Congressman for California. Let's face it - Chaz is NOT a man. She admitted on the Oprah Show that she was anatomically still a female from the waist down and had no plans to have surgery on her nether regions. That means that Chaz Bono still has a vagina, a uterus & her ovaries. She will need to continue to have pap smears as before. Should she decide to have a child later on, Chaz could do so by simply stopping her hormone injections. Let's change the show's name to "Dancing With The Freaks".


This is such an utter disgrace for Fox News - and I thought they couldn't sink lower. Has anyone looked into this quack's actual license? How could a real doctor actually stand behind such a statement? And if celebrating Chaz is somehow encouraging something society shouldn't accept, then when do we get to vote on overweight bald white men being unacceptable? He needs to get in the front of the line.


Chaz is in his late forties. To suggest waiting any longer in order to come into his own is ridiculous. And particularly to make repressed, phobic narcissists attempt to feel comfortable is insane. I am a TG male about the same age as Chaz. I identified with Chaz when he was a child on the Sonny and Cher show. I was watching the show when Cher asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and Chaz said, "a football player." My mother who looked a lot like Cher was sitting next to me and no one else was around. I did not want to be a football player but understood the masculine identification. I knew Chaz was like me and so did my my mother. The tension in the air was thick and uncomfortable. She knew and all of my life did everything in her power to stop me from being who I am. It did not work. All of you puritans and detractors need and stop judging. Have some respect. Leave Chaz alone...


Skylark, as a gay woman, I can assure you that not all gay women are like that. As with anyone, hetero or not, if you are immature and you act like you have something to prove about your sexuality then you tend to act like a fool. So, just because you met some women who were immature, don't lump us all in the same group. In my opinion some gay people don't feel accepted so they go overboard on pushing themselves on others. Hopefully someday acceptance will come easier and there will be nothing to have to prove.


That's correction for: September 15th, 2011 12:30 PM
What gives you the right to think you 'can' tell people what to say...how to feel/think?
Immoral/deprived/perverted, have they also become passé/obsolete/lost their meaning? Are these words only used because you're a HATER? What's not 'acceptable' anymore besides not embracing every/anything sexual? Put any label on it you want but it still comes back to sexual freedom in any form/way or fashion.