What do you think of Cee Lo's lyric change, turning John Lennon's line from "Imagine" from "and no religion too" to "and all religion's true"?

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It doesn't just offend Lennon fans. The history books show that more people have been killed in the name of religion than for any other reason. He perhaps doesn't know that, though, coming from a country who only reads the christian bible and nothing else, and who laughably still teaches creationism in schools.


CeeLo screeched...Does he like burkas?/Clitorectomies?/Priests raping kids?/Adultry stoning?/Crusades?/Inquisition?/9/11?/Arranged marriages?/Bombing girls'schools? /Honor killings?[Maher]. Book burning?/Deleting stem-cell research?/Teaching abstinence-only?/Suicide bombings?/No birth-control~blood transfusions?/No psychiatrists?/Murdering abortion MDs?/Child-abuse religious exemptions?/How to dress/what(not) to eat/booze~who to friend/have sex w/? No1 gives a shit-&-1/2 about CLG's supernatural beliefs...we’d be btr w/o religion...Imagine that.["There's no man in the sky"~~Carlin]...Write your own damn song, fool~~you're no Bard/Maestro/Lyricist Lennon or possess Mathis' velvet voice. Lennon tried to open people's eyes & CLG took it upon himself to shut them again...'Twas a new Cee lo(w). Lennon never screamed/shrieked this song...sung softly like you're in the rm~~not across the st. Dumb loudmouth w/ghetto tatoos.

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