Ashley Benson has mocked Amanda Bynes on Instagram. What do you think of this?

Ashley Benson Instagram Photo

I'm not sure exactly what to think. Amanda's obviously got some problems that she needs help with and though it is very wrong and messed up what she says about people, she needs help. And besides we all don't know exactly what's wrong with her. I had thyroid problems that made me very moody and depressed and everyone thought I was just being a stuck up brat and now that we've resolved it, I'm better and people regret some of the things they said because I wasn't in my "right mind." So who knows exactly what's wrong with Amanda- she probably doesn't even. I realize Amanda is far from innocent in this whole ordeal but it doesn't help to kick someone when they're down. I don't have anything against Ashley benson though. I think it was a little mean, but it's not like none of us have ever made fun of celebrities.


Well..I think a bit of both. I think the part that some people will find funny is because its easy to mock someone who was acting like an azz while being critical and attacking others. Who doesn't want to watch someone like that splat on their face? Plus those crazy wigs, throwing a bong out of the window and the other a car wreck, you don't want to look, but you can't help it. On the other hand, she is mentally ill and has no control over that. Did she bring it on herself by drug use? Possibly. The truth is she is a human being that is truly suffering...that isn't funny unless you are the kind of person that makes fun of disabled people. Sooo...I see both sides.

Sza sza gabor dmarco

The thing is i don't find this insensitive or hilarious. I find it as a way to seek attention when those who once took eyes off of her are no where to be found. Its what people do when they are not mentioned unless they are using methods of someone else.. whom which is unable to respond in her own defense at this time.. I knew that tons of people would begin to make fun of Amanda I mean after all when u are in the eye of the public everything is watched on a big screen on Zoom6x, but she shows how much confidence she has in herself to come at someone when you know they can't respond to you. Funny thing is I guarantee that if she would have done that before Amanda went in.. She would have had her feelings dragged all through in out around up and upside down through the mud. Luckily for her Amanda has pulled a whole 360.. Now if Amanda has a setback i believe she will be the first one on her list

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