Adam Lambert rocked this look while attending a Broadway play in April 2011. What do you think of it?

Adam Lambert's New Look

why is Adam Lambert looking like that? I still love him but I don`t think he looks good like that.:( sorry It`s not going to stop me from listening to his music.I hope he shaves it of cuz it doesn`t go with him.I think it looks like someone else not him. Im only 15 so some people will say I dont know what im saying or talking about but I think i do and I think i know what I`m talking about. But that just me maybe. I LOVE U ADAM LAMBERT NOW AND FOREVER AND I HOPE SOMEDAY I WILL GET TO MEET U AND TALK TO U CUZ UR SO HOT AND SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!


if he wanted that "jungle" so much..well giv'im tissues to wipe'out the eye line..then it'll looks better.. =)


Why te heck is this man wearing make-up?

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