What do you think about Roger Ebert's Tweet re: Ryan Dunn?

Ryan Dunn Photo
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I honestly think that he made a mistake but yeah who dosen't in this world. Those Jackass boys, are like brothers and how the hell you could say that about bam and ryan like that, i have no idea. your scumbags to whoever agrees with that. He was a great guy, and my heart goes out to bam and everyone and ryans family at this time, Rip, you where the shittt. care to talk some more shit? how about.. go fuck yourself. and get a life.


@Michelle Gilmore Maybe you should take some of your own advice and keep up with the news before commenting. Dunn was more had more that twice the legal amount of alcohol in his body when he crashed.


I love "Jackass" and I think each and every one of those guys are great. With that being said, I do agree with Roger E. It is obvious that he was drinking. (The picture proves that) Bam's mom even said she told him to slow it down, because of a previous accident that included alcohol. It's a shame and it's sad. I don't think Roger was bashing Ryan D. at all. I think he was stating what everyone else was thinking. Two people were killed because two people were drunk, high or just didn't care about what could happen when driving 110mph. He could have smashed into my car, or my friends or family's car. He was a star but he was also human and made a huge mistake that he's paying for with his life, and the life of someone else. I wish his friends and family the best. RIP, Ryan.


Michelle Solis is an ignorant person... so ignorant it makes me angry!!!


Now only if Bam Margera will drink away his sorrow's down a bottle of sleeping pill's, or pain killer's, the world could be a better place by this weekend.


i understood it. but America is full of idiots


Roger Ebert,first is a human being and he made a mistake with his words!! He should be forgiven!!! We all make mistakes;no one is perfect!!! I hope when the test come back that he wasn't drinking;if he was you shouldn't drink and drive!!!!!You are doing the same thing to Mr Ebert,so do that make you different??? Two wrongs don't make a right!!! I'm very sorry to hear of his death and may he R.I.P.!!!!!!


if you guys keep up with the news you would all know he was not intoxicated at the time of the accident roger ebert is a jack@ss he is a crappy movie critic who cares what the bastard has to say ryan dunn was a very nice guy who touched alot of peoples lifes including mine try to let his family moarn in peace and leave give ryan dunn respect stop bashing him


They have not even released the alcohol levels yet. It's just speculation, and 100% inappropriate at this time.


it may be too soon to vocalize but its TRUE!