What do you think about Roger Ebert's Tweet re: Ryan Dunn?

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The comment was nasty and rude! What if it was his son? How would he feel...He is a Ass


The bomment was nasty and rude! What if it was his son? How would he feel...He is a Ass


Yeah "f*ck you haters" he was "a great guy" as you put it. I am sure murder is what makes a person a great guy. Give him a break? F*ck that! What if he killed one of your family members idiot? Would he still be a great guy? What a bunch of dumbasses. Just because he did some remedial dumb pranks, the man KILLED another person due to stupidity. Not an "oh well people make mistakes" dude...he took someone's life! Be soft on him cause he was a funny guy that made one little mistake...get real! This wasnt the first DUI. Idiots.


I'm sure his family would be touched if you people would actually learn how to spell. How can you be taking his part OR bashing him when you all sound like fucking idiots. Go back to first grade and give basic spelling a retry. Talk about Jackasses, that show's got nothing on you idiots.


@ Cindy Harvey - being a movie critic is a scandalous occupation??? I guess being a jackass for a living is the accepted norm??? All of you people that worship this kind of behaviour and then get upset when one of them gets killed are a bunch of lowlifes. I f anything you people that bought into this Jackass nonsense are partially to blame. Wow. Ryan Dunn got killed and also killed someone else acting like a jackass. Isn't this funny? Isn't this entertaining? F all of you sickos.


There was nothing wrong with Ebert's assessment. If you live your life like a jackass, and even get paid for being a jackass, sooner or later you think that is what you are... a jackass. So next thing you know you are getting drunk, putting a friend in the passenger seat of your car and driving drunk at 140 mph. There was nothing sane about this decision. He was a jackass. A jack ass that killed himself and someone else. As for Bam, you treat your parents like crap for the amusement of people you don't even know. The best thing you can get out of this is an advanced warning.


rip ryan you will be missed


ebert it was way too soon for that bs!!! those guys were like brothers. think before you speak jerk


@Renee Marie It's not just America who has idiots but every Nation on this planet. Wether Ryan was intoxicated or not it is a tragedy when people lose their lives so unexpected. There are no good bye's, there are no last rites, the family is left with picking up the pieces and is heartbreaking to lose a child any age. There are 2 people dead and NOBODY should be causing anymore grief to these guys families. They have enough to deal with. As far as mr. Ebert is concearned, he needs to stick to being a movie critic and not bashing anyone. Your job is scandalous anyway. I'm my own critic to movies so why you have a job doing that baffles me. Prayers for all affecting abd suffering loss to Ryan and his friend. May God hold you close as you transition to the afterlife.


For one people make mistakes and i love Bam,Ryan and the rest of the jackass men. How would you like to lose someone to something as tragic as that drinking or not? my heart and tears go out to Bam and the jackass family and all of Ryans family.It is deffently to soon to say anything like that to anyone. But Bam has a point there are people out there crying over this and To who really cares there are more people out here that care than you know.Just because you dont doesnt mean you can be so cruel and heartless maybe you're words will come back and haunt you some day...my heart and tears go out to Bam and everyone that was in Ryan family....To Bam and the rest of the Dunn family I love you all and im so sorry for your loss.