Graduation has come and gone. What did you think of the Glee season finale?

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omg loved tha last episode of season 3 but cant believe that finn and rachel are not together anymore:( i loved them as a couple they made a cute couple i hope they get back together in the fourth season cnt wait for tha fourth season to come out in the uk:)


Omggg!!!!The ending was soo heatbreaking! :( esp when finn started running after herr!!i love love loveeee those two together , hope fate brings them back to each other!(oh and also with santana now moving to new york i think she and Berry might turn into bffs.) anyhoo it's sad that they all won't be singing all together ever again.(except maybe on mr schuester's wedding)
gleekkkk for lifee!!!!


I loved the end. It was bittersweet, but what an example of love from Finn. Loving someone enough to set them free to fly. I loved that he chased after her on the train. Never loved them as a couple more than in this episode. I can't imagine Glee without them.


cryed thru the hour havent cried this much since my uncles funeral in indiana when rachel was crying on the train to ny i do that every summer i go to camp i cry on the bus home from a whole week after i perform

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