She Twerked and she danced with bears. React now to Miley's VMA performance.

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Miley Cyrus has released a video in which she pleasures herself. React to it now.

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Interesting, everyone has their own style, but never suspected this bravo!


Miley Cyrus is sick and needs A LOT of help..she is soooo disgusting and i cannot just believe that gross performance! Guess she used all that twerkin or whatever it is called to hide the fact that she just cant zero talent..uughhh!!! Just stupid!


I don't have problem watching her performance and her twerking ... She's an entertainer after all ! If you do not like it, turn your tv off or switch the channel !
Who are you to judge ?? Are you all hollier than the holliest ? If your shit doesn't stink and you could walk on water then I'll get it.... And God knows what you're hiding behind your closed doors wake up and smell the coffee or go to your mirror and take a good look of yourself ! Case closed !!!!!


Vulgar and revolting. Shows what depths of crassness Hollywood-VMA-MTV music mass media production profit crew will plumb for profit. Kill Hollywood- PirateMyFilm,.


Guess she cant sing


Madonna or lady ga ga she is not
She may have got the attention she wanted but shocking and vulgar big
Difference and her ass is mad flat
And she sounded terrible


Miley,what road is she headed down??? Young people see her and think that behavor is alright. I'm glad people are talking about it, not that Miley will care, but maybe young people will see it isn't okay to act like that.???


She should work in a seedy strip club


Maybe Cyrus is MORE SIMPLE in the head, and needs to be COMMITTED because she acts like a MENTAL.. and has NO RESPECT for herself or her PARENTS. Maybe that is why she is ACTING out a PIG/SLOB'S life now. To PAY her PARENTS back for divorcing.


Well, she pleased HERSELF, and NO ONE else. Lets see if she can hold a HAMBURGER FLINGING job now. She is a PIG and deserves to be where she likes herself... On the corners of *Whore Blve* and *Prostitute Place*. That will be her FUTURE now. She has EARNED that much of a LOW/EXILE.Just like when someone commits a heinous crime, and deserves the DEATH PENALTY and doesn't get it. Hence a Life sentence of hamburger slinging, or living with her PARENTS. She better take a good look now, because NO ONE wants her anymore nor NO ONE needs here either.