Did you tune in for Ashton Kutcher's Two and a Half Men debut? What did you think of the episode?

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ashton is still playing his idiot kelso role.hes as good as jennifer anistan. meaning sucks....


I liked Charlie...but was really sick of all his problems. Maybe he will use that 100 million to get some help...I hope so. I was so happy that Ashton was picked for the show. The last two shows was great...I'll look forward to every Monday night.


please please if cbs is reading,lets save the series, let's say rose has charlie locked up somewhere and faked the entire funeral and bring charlie back, BRING HIM BACK! This series is sucking big time, I rather watch antique roadshow on mute......


I don't know why they made ashton kutchers character an idiot!! It's not even funny!! UGH!! We had been looking forward to the new season, if it continues the same lame story lines we won't be watching any more. And I hope the actress playing his wife will NOT have a recurring role. Do not like that actress AT ALL! Of course maybe it's the MASTER PLAN of the producers and writers... and then miraculously Charlie is risen from the dead..... heh, heh, heh :)


I did not think last night's episode was that great. Ashton's character is very sophmoric and childish. To be honest, we hadn't watched the show the last year when Charlie was on because the jokes got to be the same all the time. Jake's farting and "whatever" was getting boring. I hoped things would change with a new character but it seems it hasn't BUT I will give it a few more tries.


Can't stand Kutcher -- never could -- so I will no longr watch the show. There's only one Charlie and I'll continue to watch the reruns late at night.


The second episode sucked. I can't see how they can pull this show out of the toilet. What the heck is with the ending of the two of them naked and sleeping with each other. I don't think they need Charlie back but they certainly need new writers!!!!!!!


oh please people, every episode of the show with charlie was the same episode over and over and over. It was like the movie ground hog day. it was old and stale. I would much rather watch Ashton he is much funny and oh yes he actually acting, not just playing his sad pitaful self every week.


I agree that the show is not the same without Charlie but under the circumstances, give Ashton a chance. See where the network is going to go with the show. Obviously, Charlie has no prob with Ashton on the show. I do think that they should have an episode where it was a case of mistaken identity and that Charlie is alive and well. It would put a good ol twist on the show. Let's all hang in their for a few more episodes before we decide to hack the show all together.


Very clever, Charlie !! How'd ya ever come up with all these aliases on a fried brain?