This is your duty, NBA fans. You must taunt Kris Humphries next season. But what should you tell at Kim's ex?

Kris and Kim Kiss!
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Kanye West vs. Kris Humphries: Who'd win a debate?

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Choose a side in the Kim Kardashian vs. Kris Humphries divorce saga.

Which side are you on as Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries continue to battle it out in court?

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Kris you are the best. Love you. Keep your head up and move on with your life. Kim K is a fraud and Karma will get her back.


I'm so disappointed in Kim K's poor choices as a newlywed. Both you and your husband have very busy schedules and you shoul want to cherish and guard your alone time with your husband. Agreeing to live with your sister under those conditions was a mistake, take a stand. Don't allow people to manipulatein your life. You are young, beautiful, sweet and have a great heart. Stop waisting time, try to save your marriage. There are many people rooting for you, there is still time to get what you desire, please don't give up on your dreams to be a mom, you are a great auntie and would be a super mommie. Learn from your sister Kloe, who is so gracefully honoring the vow she made to Lamar-- friend, lover, companion, cook, etc.-- then encourage your eldest sister to live right for herself and for the sake of Mason.
People loves you, and are praying for you. Be strong.


C'mon Dudes a good player. Boo him for having Bushs sloppy seconds, sure.