Were the judges right to save Jessica Sanchez?

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Im very happy Jessica was saved,but I am not happy the way the judges acted.Totally unprofessional for my taste. They had no right to jump up on the stage and and spew out their garbage. In my opinion it's time for the rifle toting Skyler to leave. How can you make so much about that damned gun when a young man in Florida was just kllled.Put the damned rifle away while your on American Idol!!


Please look back over the tape,look at the other singers faces.What do you see?other countries are watching, they see steve jump in the water? lopaz in her new vedio??? what message is sending?Randy Please keep your cloths on.3 judges or stooges? Please step down.We need pros,America do you like screaming?or singing?we would like to here country singers not jumpping around crazy.Half naked people on the stage or porn vedio.A.I.Is this what sales?Is it all about money or the singers.I don't make 6- 12mil to be a judge on AI but I see what money does.This is, I thought A contest We vote you make commits.YOUR COMPANY Mr. A.I is on the way out if you keep this up.


Sorry to say... They can only save her once... The save is gone now... It's now up to the voters....


the judges behvr was wrong so were their comments but i dont think ther meant to offend others contestants. Jessica is a great a singer and she has an amazing talent. Honestly the top seven results were pathetic. Its sad the poor little gal might become a victim of the judges actions but the kid is just a star in making.


It is not the fact that they saved Jessica that makes me mad. It is more about they way the judges acted. They need to be unbiased and professional. They should have let her sing for her life then said of course we are going to use the save but to run up and grab the microphone from her hand and rant and rave was just disrespectful to all. Also, you can not say she is the best in the world, come on now. She is a great singer but not the greatest in the world. And it is not only about who sings the best, it is about performance as well. America - keep voting for your favorits. Don't let the judges sway you!


It is to late, The three BIASED judges have saved the person that America did'nt want. Why bother to vote. I hope the other contestants can get passed the rude and insensitive remarks made by the judges. I think WE all know now who is going to win.


I don't think the judges should have saved her they should havesaved that for Joshua but then again he won't need it.


The judges were totally out of line last night. They were disrespectul to the other contestants and the people that voted. They could have just used their save and go one. But I was shocked and repulsed by their display. My heart goes out for the other contestants, how dare they take away their dream to be the next American Idol. Weren't they all told by the judges that this little girl was the best there could be. So why go on, why try to sing their best. How would they like to have been in the other contestants shoes. Shame on them, I am so turned off by what they did I don't know if I can every watch Idol again, maybe with different judges. To the other 6 contestants I just want to put my arms around them & say I am sorry!!


My TV speakers must not be working because JESSICA may not have been the bottom but probable next to the bottom. Talent is way off this year.


I believe the way the judges acted totally belittled the other contestants. there is a lot of talent on stage this year. it is disgusting how the judges favor their picks.shame on all 3 judges..if america wants holly and the others , then isn't that whose records they will buy..this country is becoming so divided thanks to our wonderful administration. political correctness needs to stay out of Idol. there are several singers this year who will go out and be more sucessful than the winner...let america choose and let the judges act like adults or end the show....