Were the judges right to save Jessica Sanchez?

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I'm sick of the judges picking on Hollie. She has a beautiful voice and I think the best sound out of all of them. You can see the disapointment on her face each week when they go at her and that has got to have play on her nerves. Then they go on and on with some of the others about how good they are and how much they loved it when in fact it was awful!! And it's suppose to be a singing contest but they go on and on about how they look or played the stage.
Pick your chin up Hollie because girl you got it going on!!!!
Beautiful voice!!! Don't let the judges lead you out the door because they want someone else to win.


OMG-I'm still in tears. I couldn't believe what America did to Jessica. She is absolutly the best singer this yr. It's been between her and Colton. I'm so glad the judges had that save left and were able to use it on her. They went up to her to save her from the undeserved feelings she must have been feeling. My whole household was in total shock. Since the beginning when she belted Whitney Houston's,"I Will Always Love You," she won my families support. We love Jessica! America please be fair. She has been perfect everytime she has sung her songs. She works very hard. She is capable of being another Celine Dion. Give her that chance.


Let the people vote for who they want to be the next American Idol.


This is AMERICAN idol not JUDGES idol. Yes, I like Jessica but she is not the greatest singer ever on American Idol. When she sells millions like Carrie,Kellie and some of the others then they can say that. Personally I am sick of her being crammed down my throat. She had a record with Spin and she was on America's Got Talent, so why is she even on the show? So she has had more than one shot at making her way into the business.


Hmmmm America voting out three of the best singers in the competition not a surprise to me i mean America wake up i am not saying that the rest of the contestants arent as good as Elise, Joshua, and Jessica but i mean they sang their heart out every night to stay in the competition i mean while we are watching the T.V they are fighting for their lives out there to catch their dreams...... Like Randy Jackson said, "Vote for the best America!"


The Show Sucks.I wouldn`t waste another seconed but my girlfriend insists on watching. Its a Popular thing not a talwnt thing. Proof is this past show. Steven Tyler seems Bored with it all .


I am not gonna think of racism at this point and I am not gonna think about sexism at this point but seeing all four who were subpar or above average who were safe and just happened to be white and the other 3 who were on the bottom were the two frontrunners who just happened to be one Black and one half Latino/ half Asian to be in the bottom 3 but had the Best performance the night before, it's kinda hard not to think of racism and sexism...you know?!?! Also, every season now, it's always a White Guy With a Guitar who wins, what's up with that America? Jessica is truly amazing and really talented lets give credit to where credit is due...don't get mad at her because she's been chasing her dream since 5 years old...the World is watching America...pls. let us act wisely.


How can Jessica, Joshua and Elise be in the bottom 3 when they were the 3 strongest singers the night before?
Wow, this is just absurd!!! The world is watching America and people are not stupid....don't get mad at people who are working hard to fulfill their dreams and undeniable raw go to waste...America please wake up!


I was irratated by the bad behavior of the Judges on Idol last night with the Jessica save.Before last night, I was fed up with all the praise they gave her, and the criticism they pile on other good singers like Elise,Joshua, and Molly, who sing their hearts out. Jessica blew it last night in the trio number, and has before. The judges are getting to involved with trying to sway the public. They should have let her go, and not use their only save on her.


The judges are necessary to make helpful comments that help the contestants, but they need to remain as unbiased as possible as to not curve the voting. Spicing up a contestant too much may sway voters to vote for someone else, which is not fair to the contestant or vice versa where voters favor the judges, which is not fair to the other contestants. Anyway, by now, in my opinion they are all winners and I have no doubt they will all succeed in singing careers. They are all very talented and deserve to win. My best wishes to them.